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Welcome to Quilts & Creations!


Time for Houston Quilt Festival 2017!

November 2 - 5

Preview Night November 1

Purchase your tickets at Quilts & Creations

Daily Admission $12 adults; $9 seniors/students/military

Children 10 and under FREE

$42 Full Show Pass (includes Preview Night)

Quilts & Creations is excited to announce the following Gammill Machine Maintenance and Statler CS7 classes!

Please join us for one or all of these classes designed to help make your Gammill Longarm Quilting experience that much more enjoyable.

Note there is a maximum number of students for each class – don’t get left out, register today by calling us at 832-644-5696. 

Payment is due at time of registration.  In order to receive a refund, cancellations must be made by 10:00 am Wednesday, October 25 – no refunds after this time.

Rick Taylor’s Machine Maintenance Class

On Saturday, October 28, from 10:00 am – 2:00 pm  Rick Taylor shares with you the knowledge he's gained from years of experience working with Gammill Quilting Machines. He does more than just show you how to make adjustments, he helps you understand the theory behind those adjustments. Join Rick as he walks you through the care and routine maintenance of your most important quilting tool!  Topics covered include:  Lecture on Sewing, Bottom Tension, Top Tension - sensor wheel and tension assembly, Needle Bar Height, Sewing Hook - timing and hook-to-needle tolerance, Rocking Finger, Hopping Foot - height and timing, Oiling, Bobbin Winder, Channel Locks, Motor Belt, Front Wheels.  This will be a 4 hour in person lecture with accompanying video. 

Cost of class is $150 and includes a light lunch.  Maximum number of students – 16.

No supplies needed other than pen/pad for notetaking.


Sunday, Oct. 29 from 10:00 am – 6:00 pm Georgia Stull will be teaching CS7 classes as outlined below

Cost for the day is $200 and includes lunch and snacks


Georgia Stull, Heartland Quiltworks

718 S Adams St., Raymore, MO  64083



Georgia Stull is a professional longarm quilter from Missouri.  She is an enthusiastic teacher that loves to quilt, loves to teach and can’t wait to share a bit of that passion with her students.   Georgia is a national and international Gammill Certified Statler Instructor in all versions of Creative Studio. She is also generous to share stories, tips and ideas that inspire her students to gain skills and confidence as quilters and business owners.  For more information, please go to her website or Facebook page.  

Statler Skill Builder: Borders and Sashes in CS7

Borders can really add something special to a quilt!  Creative Studio makes it easy to add one or more borders to your quilt!  I teach a method that I call Easy Peasy because it really is THAT SIMPLE.  Not only is it simple, it always works!  It works for any style of pattern and you do not have to turn your quilt.  I will also share how to choose an appropriate pattern and what you need to know before the quilt goes on the frame.   2 hours


Statler Skill Builder:  Custom Features in CS7

Creative Studio helps the Statler owner create Custom Masterpieces but we know it takes more than just “pushing a button.”  We must master the software! That’s what this class is about –mastery.  Some of the features that will be covered in this class include Apply, Order Join, Echo, Point-to-Point, Circular Array, Trim and Fill.  I teach you to set Controller Definitions to make the machine work for you and I always teach tips and tricks along the way because I believe in using the software as effectively and efficiently as possible without compromising quality. Please join me in this class!  4 hours


Quilt Design in Statler Style in CS7

You have a quilt top and you know it needs custom quilting. How do you decide what to do for that quilt?? In this class, we will look at real quilt tops and use the tools that Statler provides to help us decide how to proceed. The class will include a discussion of what you need to know before you start picking out designs and why some designs should work well and some other designs might not work at all. We will also discuss how you can provide a variety of price ranges for a quilt top.  I welcome class participation! 

For your convenience, detailed handouts are prepared and available on a USB flash drive ($10 cost).


Monday, Oct. 30 from 9:00 am – 4:15 pm, Karen Farnsworth will be teaching CS7 classes as outlined below

Cost for the day is  $200 and includes lunch and snacks

Karen Farnsworth, Wildflower Quilting

309 1st Street Greentop, Missouri 63546



As a long-time Statler owner, Karen’s passion is helping other Gammill owners love the process of longarm quilting. Karen is a Gammill Certified Instructor and enjoys creating education materials, teaching Statler and CreativeStudio® classes, and providing phone and on-site support to Statler owners. Karen has been sewing most of her life and bought her first Gammill Quilting machine in 2006.  She has been designing and selling digital quilting patterns through her website,, since 2007.  She now lives in rural Northeast Missouri where she and her husband ranch and raise their three kids. Karen also finds time to own a quilt shop, quilt for customers, and pursue many of her other interests.


CreativeStudio Pattern Manager---Pattern Management Feature in CS7

During this class, you’ll see the details of CreativeStudio’s new Pattern Manager. Learn how to quickly import and organize your designs in CS7. How to easily search for patterns by style, name, type, and more. And you’ll learn about the new Gammill Pattern store. Now your patterns—ALL your patterns—are always at your fingertips. 1-1/2 hours


Ground Work---Controller Definitions and Other Statler Fundamentals in CS7

Understanding your options makes you a better quilter and your Statler a better tool. During this class, Karen will discuss in detail CreativeStudio’s User Settable controller definitions and how you can optimize your quilting by setting them to your preferences. Ever wonder how to change your margins or default stitch length? Or what trim skip length, sew overlap or reg smoothing are? You’ll learn that and more in this class. 1-1/2 hours


Pattern Designer 101—Creating, Saving, and Selling Patterns in CS7 

Whether your goal is to create a unique pattern for a customer quilt or design original patterns to offer for sale, this class is a great place to get started. Karen will discuss designing and testing new patterns, sending images to customers, and selling your designs. This class is loaded with valuable information from a designer with a decade of experience creating and selling digital patterns. 1-1/2 hours


Draw Text (and other Fun Features)—Favorite Features, Tips, Hints and Tricks in CS7

During this class, Karen will show you all about her favorite functions including many of the lesser known capabilities of CreativeStudio.  New features of the latest CS version will be demonstrated as well as several of Karen’s fun and useful favorites.  Several tips, hints and tricks for navigating CS and optimizing your quilting will also be shared. 1-1/2 hours


 Are you thinking of purchasing a Gammill Longarm Quilting Machine?

We are replacing our floor model 26" Vision 2.0 on a 12' frame, complete system includes zippered leaders and hydraulic lift system - give us a call at 832-644-5696 for pricing and financing information

Quilts & Creations is the Houston Area Gammill sub-dealer for Linda's Electric Quilters 

The #1 Dealer for the  #1 Longarm Quilting Machine

 Do you have quilt tops to be quilted? 

 Bring your pieced tops to us to quilt on our Gammill Statler Stitcher.  We have hundreds of quilting designs to choose from.  Just bring your clean and pressed quilt tops in for us to measure and give you an estimate.  Prices start at $0.02/square inch (length x width = square inches). 

T-shirt quilts are our specialty - come see us to discuss a customized quilt made from your t-shirts!

Yes, we rent time on the Gammill Long-Arm Quilting Machine - come take a class with Martha Posey and learn to quilt your quilts on the World's #1 Long-Arm Quilting Machine -- please call the shop at 832-644-5696 for complete details


Please call us at 832-644-5696 for dates of classes

T-shirt Quilt Class - $135 plus cost of supplies

Come learn how to make your own t-shirt quilt!  This is a 2-1/2 day class - you'll bring 20 of your own t-shirts and with the method taught in class, you'll be well on your way to completing your quilt top. 

Beginning Quilting - $130 plus cost of supplies

Have you ever wanted to learn how to make a quilt?  You'll learn all the basics of making your own quilt top, start to finish in this 4 part class.  Class time is 10:00 am - 2:00 pm each day.

Tuffet Class - $60 plus cost of supplies

Lean how to make your own tuffet!  You can chose to make either square or round tuffet complete with legs and ready to add to your home décor. Class time is 10:00 am - 2:00 pm each day. 

To register for classes, you may call the shop at 832-644-5696 to pay by phone and receive your supply list by email or come in to the shop to complete your payment and pick up your supply list in person.  Be sure to visit our classes page to review the class refund policy.

 Reminder to bring your Quilts & Creations bag and

shop with us on the 1st Saturday of each month to  enjoy 15% off fabrics and notions!

We carry thread, batting and fabric!


 The Scissors Man will return to Quilts & Creations on October 30 for all types of scissor and knife sharpening, including pinking shears and rotary blades (no pinking rotary blades, please).  Please bring your items to the shop any time on or before noon on October 30.  Items will be returned to you that day.  Scissors/shears/knife sharpening cost is $4.00 per pair and rotary blade sharpening cost is $3.00 per blade.


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What do we offer?

Custom made one-of-a-kind quilts by local artists
Quilted jackets
Quilted bags
Embroidered items

Need Help Customizing?

  • If you don't see a finished quilt you like in our store, pick out some of our gorgeous fabrics and we'll make you one!
  • Need your quilt tops quilted - let us quilt them on our Gammill Statler Stitcher - call us at 832-644-5696 to schedule an appointment!
  • Prefer to quilt by hand - let us baste the quilt layers for you to make handling your quilt easier!
  • We also feature T-Shirt Quilts